Consecutive / Sequential Labeller

The Labellers can be Configured as Complete range from Single Line Bold Six Characters to Triple Line Fourty Characters available with advantage of alphanumeric bands in Double Line models .

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Blitz the Italian Technology One / Two / Threeline hand-held label printers are lightweight, easy to use and ideal for high and low-volume retail and industrial applications. Offering you total character flexibility, our 123-line tools print from 6 to 40 character digits and feature variations in print height, label size and alphanumeric capabilities. 

 All our hand-held labeling tools provide maximum efficiency, minimum breakdown and reduced operator fatigue. The new generation of BLITZ marking tools have the latest ergonomic design. The lightweight construction maximizes productivity while reducing operator fatigue.

The Labellers has variety of bands :

 like month , year , alphanumeric , number , Kg , Gram , Code,Piece and Weight denoting band . All the labellers are covered by 1 year Guarantee except for OPEN P- 8.19 , which is one year Warranty .

Fueled to increase productivity

This Consecutive / Sequential Labeller is a technological innovation for the cutting department of a Garment Manufacturing unit. This Italian technology is now available through us. The machine is a neat and time saving device which assures high quality and flexibility for shade marking and other consecutive numbering applications. Used by apparel manufacturers, these systems provide a quick and easy means of identifying cut, size, and layer number information on cut work fabric bundles. It helps in sequentially numbering the cut pieces that helps in avoiding shade variation. There is no ink or gum stains left on to the fabric from the labels. It is lightweight, dust proof and very easy to operate.


The actual usage is to differentiate the layers in the cutting department. The BLITZ – textil flies through your cut fabric bundles. This servo controlled shade marking system makes part numbering a faster, less tiresome task. It increases overall productivity in your cutting room by reducing operator fatigue encountered with manual systems. The BLITZ – textil prints, dispenses and sticks labels in one trigger action and is available with consecutive number or repeat consecutive number functions.

Jayashree Industry are among the recognized manufacturers of Barcode Labels, RFID Labels, Barcode Ribbons, Barcode Printer etc.
These products are regarded for their optimum functionality, hassle free operation, extended durability and seamless finish.
We are used for labeling products in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, beverage and electronic industries.

Salient Features:

Hand labellers Specially designed trigger control handle for fast, uniform labelling. 
 Servo-controlled progressive system which makes the machine silent, fast & easy to handle. 
 Self-controlled inking for a dry & clear printing. 
 New protective structure unbreakable & dust proof. 
 Advanced dust & shock resistant print heads engineered for long life. 
 Print bands available in 6 or 8 digits. 
 Available in three models with international size symbols. 

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