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Our Direct Thermal Products all have a heat sensitive coating on the face stock which enables these products to be imaged with a barcode printer and does not require a ribbon. Our product offering includes various face stocks from paper to BOPP film.


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These products cover a wide range of applications and can be manufactured with a multitude of adhesives to meet our customers’ requirements.

Direct thermal labels have long been used for meat, poultry and dairy products. Today, improvements in thermal papers and direct thermal printers have made the technology a better fit for more products in nearly any market. 

Non Top Coated Paper

Our Economy Paper labels utilize a paper base stock to which a thermal coating has been applied.

Top Coated Paper

Our Premium Paper labels are smooth, bright, white paper with a high sensitivity thermal coating.

Direct Thermal BOPP Film

Barcode Printer
Barcode Labels
RFID -Reader- System